Consulting Services

Behavioural challenges can occur suddenly and can be difficult to manage since the cause may not be obvious. Problems can occur due to past trauma or in response to current training and management practices. Ignoring behavioural issues can aggravate them to the point where your horse’s welfare, performance, mental and physical health, and even your safety are compromised.

Identifying the cause of the issue is the first step in managing the behavioural problem. Setting up an environment that continues to promote good welfare and improved performance sets you up as a responsible horse owner and allows you to hone the tools and skills needed to deal with any challenges that may arise in the future.

Through the below services, I can help you establish the cause of any existing issues and implement a road map to promoting welfare-based management:

Behavioural Consultation (online)

  • For help with issues relating to anxiety, fear, psychological issues, stereotypies (stable vices), safety concerns, training/riding problems

Welfare-based Management Consultation and Assessment (online)

  • Evaluation of current training and management practices to determine whether they are set up to promote good animal welfare

*Price is on a case-by-case basis

15 EUR per session (60 minutes each)